Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Christmas....Bowers Style!

Celebrated in December with the World's Most Marvelous Babies!

The Original Nine! All in one place! Yay!

It's the cousin basket! Too much fun!!

Imagine waking up to this for a week! Pure bliss!

And down the hall this darling rascal!
Possibly hatching big plans for his Uncles?

Decided to take impromptu family pictures after church
since we were reasonably unwrinkled and in our right minds!

My girls! Not sure what set us off but thankfully Crosby had some poise left. Ha. :)

Our men. Love, love, love them ALL SOOOOO!!!

There we go. Stage presence. Ha.

Wallace! You are in the company of GREAT men!!

Six GLORIOUS months of being Grandparents!
Praise the Lord for His sweetest blessings.

It is a VERY good thing Jubilee Katherine joined the family during this season of life.
 Years ago I would've probably
cancelled school, cooking and LIFE to just watch her blow bubbles!

And the LOVE! Love times FOUR! Still utterly SMITTEN by my precious new SONS!!

Imagine life with Wallace as your sidekick!!

Or possibly all this goodness, sweetness and sugar!?

OH! The drama!

QUITE the group of Aunties and Uncles!!

Technically they came for Christmas but we sure had a great time on the floor!

Perhaps the glow is from her essential oils. :)

Morning walk. Still getting used to life in the South where we enjoy being outside in December!

Littles love reading stories with Cass!

GrandDaddy! Does it get any better than a baby in each arm??!

Birds of a feather. Big deals cookin'. :)

Meeting of the minds?

Crosby Virginia was head of lights and tree decor. Ever tweaking runs in the family. :)

Walk all together at the pond!

Happy Late Lunch and Snacks!

Ongoing Chess, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride and other fantastic games. Love it!

Crosby and I LOVED early morning visits with this gemstone. 

Campbell's other name is Butter.
Uncle Butter and Wallace had quite the epic time!

Crosby Virginia is often just called Ginny.
So! Aunt Gin and Jubilee had much to discuss. :)

Ventured forth into the realm of squash.
Never was one jar of squash so noted or documented, but when it's WALLACE!!
Well. The paparazzi was THERE!! :)

Happy feast! It appears the grandparents have given up eating just to bask in the baby glow.
Rest assured. Calories abounded and the New Year's fitness goals are in full swing.

They say that for every boy in the bunch you reduce the common sense and rationale by half. So.
One, two, three, four, five. Hmmmmm. If you count the one taking the picture...OH. DEAR.  

When they came to their senses, they bolted from that FREEZING pool QUITE quickly. :)

Meanwhile, Jubilee was posing.
Needed a shot of her perfect cheeks.

Getting ready for our Annual Christmas Tract Adventure! 

Started by Daddy some 15 years ago, we pile into the van early Christmas morning with plates of  homemade cookies and gospel tracts and go to gas stations and hotels in our area. We sing to the workers, guests and patrons (and each other along the way!) and have a simply marvelous time!
We return home midmorning for a most festive Brunch.
One of our favorite traditions EVER!!

The competition CONTINUES!!!

Just want to BURST into FORTY SONGS when I see these two!! 

Wallace. Fine tuning his listening skills.

Brunch set up with a buddy to help. Perfect. 

WONDERFUL to celebrate Jesus with dear ones we so LOVE!

Sibling Chess Party!

It seems our family love language is walking and talking!
Utterly blessed to walk with the girls, the boys, the babies, the snugglies! 

Uncle Crockett is just the right (lightning) speed for Wallace.
Birds of A Feather, Part 2.

How many readers can you count?? Ha! We love giving books, getting books, reading books, finding books on Thrift books and WHAT?! It's Christmas and we are delightedly relishing large quantities of BOOKS!

My favorite writer and his dashing young student.
So much FUN!!!

Oh dear. The sequel to Living A Beautiful Life?
I may stay in the chair 'til Spring.

Just perfect! So MUCH perfect!!!

The sweetest and the best. I love how much they adore their Daddy!

Merry Christmas Conference call with my parents.
They are missionaries in the Philippines and have a wonderful ministry to orphans.  

I told them I'd put a snuggly on the front AND on back so I could keep them both but we never did get to that.
 Next visit! :)

The Lord gave us this amazing, perfect Lowry Organ for $40! What a hoot to add this to our practices! :)
Glorious Christmas songs sound very beautiful and noble.

Talking at the pond. Fresh air, sunshine, and vitamin D. Recipe for Happy!!

Dinners on the porch have been known to go for HOURS. Too much good stuff to discuss!!

Littles. Books. Bedtime. Perfect.

OBVIOUSLY thinking about his Grandmommy. :)

Discussing road trip behavior for the way home. This looks rather serious. :)

Praise the Lord for a MOST WONDERFUL time!
We thank the Lord for allowing us to be together.
May the truth of God's amazing grace and His very best gift of all, Baby Jesus,
be real in your hearts in the days and weeks to come.