Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Western Adventures!

Earlier this Summer we gathered with family from around the globe
 for several days together in the Colorado mountains.

Always good to catch up.

Our youngest nephew who Daddy very fittingly nicknamed Jelly!

Lots of relays with lots of littles!

Jujitsu lessons with Uncle Scott. We just know this will help the Bowers men wrestle more gently. :)

Cousin Pyramid. Very nice.

Family hike! Soo beautiful.

Worth every step. :)

Time in the kitchen with our very own Manee (my Mom!).

Every boy just needs a good dog! Crockett adopted Chloe for the week.

Jumping local waterfalls. Part of the series called 
"Things Parents Hear AFTER The Fact That Probably Would Have Been Vetoed." :)

Marvelous dynamics of cousin conversations! :)

  Having Uncle Dave at the grill is kind of like knowing it's almost your birthday!
Just...The Best!!

Loved our time talking, talking, talking and trying out amazing new recipes.

 More Jujitsu. Rarely do we see Charlie at the bottom of any pile. Ha. :)

 Dad will be 80 in several years but you'd NEVER know it.  
Guys had a great time working out.  

Bouldering with Uncle Dave.

Men's Meeting in honor of Declan's 12th Birthday.

Fellowship of littles! So very fun. :)

Amazing Bible time every morning. 
The Daddies in our families are gifted public speakers, and 
we were so blessed by their wit and wisdom!

More family stories and great conversations after supper!

Loved having my big boys and my little brothers (ha!) all in one place.

The Lord also provided a stop at the Grand Canyon. 
We are so thankful Daddy was able to hike this with us. 
What a special blessing!

Praise the Lord we managed to stay AHEAD of the pack mules. :)

Absolutely stunning! 
The magnitude of God's power and design here is truly phenomenal.

That is entirely TOOOOO close for any boy and any squirrel. Ever!! 
 Lecture on plague spreading species. Immediately. :)

Where four states come together! Hot, hot, HOT. Whew.
Omitted the sticky picture of us all melting together. :) 

Happy dinner on Route 66 before heading home to Alabama.
One of our last hurrahs with the Aunts and Uncles was roller skating. Carver decided to catch a frisbee while on wheels. (!!) Since he's taking most of our pictures and was at the emergency room getting x-rays, his sling is the only proof we have of the party. :)

Christian. Goodness. You're only 14! What on earth did you DO? :)

Why we fly Southwest! Cockpit tours and button pushing. Yes!

Interestingly, all the Bowers claim to pack light. Ha! :)

Grateful to the Lord for a wonderful time together 
and for sweet fellowship with family we love and miss very much.