Saturday, May 26, 2018 the Heart of Dixie!

Dinner on the porch! Loving being outside in Alabama!

Great place for our resident pyromaniacs to get their fix. :)

The seven men and their ongoing food fixing 
could absolutely turn this into a food blog! Yikes.

So much fun and so beautiful here! The Lord takes such good care of us!

Girl's shopping and gelato at Whole Foods!

Very grateful to have children that love to grow things!! 

Daddy and the Littles! Love, love, love!

Putting away the books.

One side done! We love having a happy little library. 
Most of our books have been stored for a LONG time!

Roses! Amazing bush at the edge of the porch.

Though I personally feel that life is puzzle enough, 
there are some Bowers that really love them!

When Bowers turn 10.... they mow! 
Chap is our newest mower. Yard here is 6 acres, just like Iowa! 
He mows a little bit every day and keeps it very lovely.

Goodwill had rows of desks still hanging around from the 60's. 
Good thing the truck wasn't wider. We might've ALL had our own. Ha!

Oh dear. More food. These really are VERY good Mississippi Sweet Potatoes. :)

One of our favorite parks! Thank you, Charlie!! 

Granola Day!! Soo yummy!

Chap put together the whole elliptical machine! Very sweet.

School break for blue teeth and blueberries! 

Little's built their own Fort Alabama! 

Perfect place for tea drinking and cursive practicing . :)

The church we're attending to is 2 hours away, so Sunday mornings we pass out the snacks, listen to great audio sermons and get the right buddies in the right seats. 
Crosby keeps Charlie in line. :) 

Daddy took Crosby and Campbell with him to Florida 
for his doctor's appointments. So beautiful!

Road trips with Daddy! The best!!

You just gotta to love Florida's alligator industry! This is at the GAS station! :) 

No shortage of fabulous ice cream moments!
Aunt Kali! Passing out the hugs!

Aunt Pandy! Passing out the love!

Bami and Poppy! Hugs and smiles and so much fun!

The beach! Good clean air.  
Daddy's appointments went great and many prayers were answered. 
Thank you for praying!!
Better breathing numbers! Praise the Lord. 

"There's not a plant or flower below but makes Thy glories known! 
And clouds arise and tempests blow by order from Thy throne.
While all that borrows life from Thee is ever in Thy care,
 and everywhere that man can be, Thou God art present there."

One of our favorites from last Summer! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Ready, Set.....Go!

As part of our "Get the House Ready!" campaign, the Bowers men
 and our contractor friend Dave spent several days working on the roof.

Sometimes one simply must burst into song. Thankfully instruments were handy. :)

Beautiful day on the beautiful roof!

Campbell was assigned touch ups on the inside of the pantry and did a fantastic job!

Charlie is ever dedicated to making sure we all get protein, protein, protein!
He found a great deal at the discount store and hauled 'em home for fuel.  

 Our friend Aaron is a Sunday favorite.
Happy little campers on the way home from church.

Our friend Wyatt. Too much fun. :)

Fridge Day. Every Monday. Everything Out. Thank you, Chapman! :)

Daddy says you can never have to much butter!

Our own Butter, who loves the haystack.

Thankful for Bowers Brothers loading skills. Perhaps they'll start a moving company. :)

Bus Washing 101 by Carver. What in the world does this have to do with packing? Pure therapy.

We didn't mean to put Crosby on Pest Control. Oh dear.

Late afternoon walk in nearby fields. Beautiful rolling hills.

Our little road home. Remember when I had to spot the silo to find it? :)

Birthday dinner at Carson and Carolina's sweet little home.

 Crockett's cliff hanging, epic films star his highly dramatic siblings.  
Sharing his latest edits. :)

Wrestling with Carson in the loft! Very fun. 

Getting in enough Carolina hugs to last a few months.

 Surprise birthday breakfast for Charlie with the brothers and some great friends.

 Singing "What a Day That Will Be" on our last Sunday at our wonderful church.

Lunch for one. Ha. :)

I think we would very MUCH like to stop improving?!
Let's just say we have a few of these boxes. :)

It appears we're after all the mice in Iowa!

And off we GO!
First part of the caravan headed out while several stayed to finish odds and ends.
(Still waiting on the grass to get green. Kinda like watching the paint dry. Hmmm.)

Crosby had a great power nap and we listened to Lamplighter Theatre.

Loving children recognize the importance of dark chocolate while traveling.

"You have reached your destination!" 
Yay! Let the unpacking begin!!
More pictures on the way as soon as we make our mess look prettier. Ha. :)

Praise the Lord for safe travels, for a beautiful place to be this year 
and for our truly blessed season in Iowa. 
We would love your prayers for healing in Daddy's lungs. 

Happy Springtime from the Bowers Clan in Alabama!