Friday, October 28, 2016

Heading Home To....Iowa!!

On our way out of town, the battery saga began. :)  
Hmmm. Thought we got it fixed.  
Not yet.
In the end....Carver changed SEVEN batteries on our way from Nashville to Iowa! 
A prompt appointment was made at the Ford shop to fix the alternator we just replaced. :)
Never a dull moment.
With the battery saga and a detour through Illinois, it took 12 hours to get there but WOW! 
We sure loved our LAST night at Wal-Mart and our first night being local! 
And here we go! SOOOO blessed to be HOME! 
Last month the Lord sent us to this little 1870 farmhouse in rural Iowa. 
We bought it 2 hours later, moved in 3 weeks later and OH! We're so thankful and happy to be here! 
He knew our hearts and minds needed a quiet place with lots of projects for all and we PRAISE HIM for this amazing gift. 
We THANK YOU for praying about this with us and REJOICE at the Lord's goodness! 
You are invited for dinner and fellowship as soon as the paintbrushes dry. :)
What a hoot to see everyone pile out and start taking dominion over some corner of this place. 
Christian started up a tree. :)
Chapman started in on crate relocation. 
Carver started working on one of the shops.
Carolina was SO happy about her little garden spot. Previous 
owners left a collection of tomatoes and cucumbers!
Yay for garden fresh salsa!
Brotherly mission to check things out in the yard.
 Our ONE thrilling day in a real kitchen before the cabinets left and the ceiling was pulled down!
Demolition for boys is just THE greatest thing ever?!
Pondered how to work with what was there. Final verdict: everything goes! 
That would be the very old ceiling. :)
Perhaps we'll just keep it simple. Ha. Pantry will go behind where the stove is. 
Winter lettuce and asparagus planting with a friend.
 Charlie bravely tackled the floors.
He found hardwood everywhere! Only like a trampoline in only one place. :)
Fueled by the staples of life. :)
Carver on the vacuuming committee. 
Christian was Mr. Sandman.
Sunday afternoon break for fellowship and dinner with sweet friends!
Love our little park in the yard! :)
More happy fellowship! 
Especially inspiring when it includes ice cream. 
Guess which poor child had a mother that told him NO dairy products or SUGAR?!
More painting and floor fixing. Someone had WAY too much time on their hands!
The next layer had the matching window behind the wall. 
We knew it was there somewhere!!
Filled our first dumpster in one day flat. :)
Crosby's Coconut Cream Berry Smoothie. Much better than sardines! :)
Balancing and painting are important skills. If you happen to have BOTH you get the job. :)
Post Bus Stress Removal by the brothers.
The previous owners left this and Mama's heart just SANG!
Their own spot to swing and hang and yodel and holler?! Yay!  
Collecting supplies for the pile of projects.
Mama has faithfully driven about 500 miles to Lowes and hardware stores
 since we STOPPED traveling!  
Believe it or not, Daddy's mileage count we since landed is 1300 miles!
Settling in may take a little time. :)
Crosby's flower from the yard.  
So happy...a little forest walking trail down the road.
The first week of dinners looked about like this! :)
Seeing the light. We think. :)
First bedrooms almost done except for replacing fans.
Butter is Daddy's personal assistant.
You might guess his favorite part is the mask. :)
Yay for brick walls!
Discussion and demolition continues!
Praising the Lord... amazing warm weather. And so beautiful!
6 acres. 6 boys. Push mower. Perfect! 
Oh...the cuteness!
Absolutely amazing view from the silo (SILO?!) behind the shop.
Love the silhouette. Kinda like "Fiddler on the Roof". :)
Keeps Mama from getting lost because she can see it from FAR away. :)
Today we celebrate 2 weeks of being here and have more thoughts on all that we learned in the bus coming soon.
This has been a challenge and a blessing and truly memorable so far! There is a wonderful church just down the road and families we love taking good care of us as we keep filling dumpsters. We see the Lord working so lovingly. 
It is a privilege to serve the King of Kings, and we are utterly humbled and amazed at His kindness to us! 
So many prayers have been graciously answered.  
"All I have needed Thy hand hath provided... GREAT is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!"