Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ogallala to Des Moines... The Adventure Continues

Something about little people and water!!

Pony Express Memorial outside Cabela's World Headquarters

Very big teeth...inside World Headquarters.

That is a VERY big elephant. :)

Thought it was an average parking lot...turns out it was a beach.  :)

Carolina was not the only one diggin'. Just the only one still standin' there.

Waiting on the tow truck. Got to pass out tracts, cd's, AGENDA to the sweet people inside Eichners.

There he is! 
Decided to not get stuck in the sandy woods in Ogallala.  
Headed for greener pastures which included this very happy frog.

Some of the 12,000 piece carved wooden replica of the Buffalo Bill Show at Fort Cody. Took 12 years to make!

Ditched the pigtails for a very nice head dress

Chapman really liked this rather tall Indian.

Negotiating to bring home the zoo

Ha! Wouldn't it be nice? :)

Chap decided to do some banking before purchases.

Everyone needs a good canon!

On the road again...heading for Iowa.

When in doubt, head up the tree.  :)

Holiday RV Park...loving to pool!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Adventure Begins...

So long, farewell. Actually...still in the driveway. :)

Heading for Little America 

One of our stops in Wyoming

Everyone wants the front seat 

One last stop in Wyoming.....more pictures on the way.....!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Year of Family Favorites

It's true. Breakfast is only the beginning. :)

Crosby Virginia and her Honeysuckle
Waging war with Uncle David and his boys

The men's pushup circle with Uncle Scott and our legendary grandfather, Dandee

Twin Cousins: Isaiah and Chapman

Family fellowship and football with Manee and Dandee (Lauren's parents) and Uncle Scott, Eliana, and Isaiah.
Aunt Jenni was home with new baby Noah.

 Collecting Alfalfa bales. Boys convinced Carolina this was anaerobic.

At the bottom of the swamp with Aunt Kali

Charles and his one and only: Mayflower.
Waging war again, this time with Will, Jed and the checkers  

Bubbles with Cousin Eliana from Indonesia

Sweet flower girls at a friend's beautiful wedding

Cousin Brandon came to edit his film with Curtis

Our Red Farmhouse booth at the Family Economics Conference (Denver)

A dirt clod is every bit as fun as a baseball

Carolina's youngest and cutest student

Reforming the toolbox. Note paintbrush size. :)

The annual Chess Championship with Dandee

This should block the sun. :)

One of too many wild cats

Back to the Blueberry Festival with Bami (Grandview, WA)

Baby Cousin Bella Rose

All Nine C's

Hay bales continued 

Bowers boys' boot lineup for Sunday morning

Daddy speaking on AGENDA (Boise, ID)

Reminds Mama of...her hair when she met Daddy?
Somebody had really good aim

Favorite stories with Cousin Kait 

Filming a chess scene with Cousin Bryce

Five seconds before leaving town Campbell launched a a very significant rock at the largest side window of the van.
These are the two million shards of glass, just before they fell. Departure was delayed. :)

Visiting with Mr. Swanson at the Family Economics Conference (Denver, CO)

Jim Elliot's plane at Mission Aviation Fellowship (Nampa, ID)

Shooting range with Dr. Peter Hammond, from South Africa, and the Placzek family 

Jessica and Crockett...broiled the S'mores instead of braving the windstorm

Self-defense class with Dr. Hammond

Listening to stories from Africa

Peace talks continue.

Some of the sons at the Fatherhood Weekend. (Twin Falls, ID) 

The historians of the family return to their beloved Alamo. (San Antonio, TX)

The Windstar docked in Kavala, Greece, during Curtis and Carolina's trip.

On Mars Hill (Athens, Greece)

Amazing dinner with Manee and Dandee (Istanbul, Turkey)

Visitin' time with Martha Margaret 

"Oh, what a beautiful moooooorning!" (Athens, Greece)

Ancient church column in Phillipi, propped up by Dandee

Yup, it's a Greek salad! (Patmos, Greece)

Near home sweet home in the Snake River Valley (Caldwell, ID)

Had a great talk about Noah. 

2014 pool location? Middle of the driveway. :)

Crosby tucking in her giraffe, Carmel Corn

The gifts that grew up

A men's Alfalfa morning

 Charlie learning Jujitsu from Uncle Scott

At the Blueberry Festival with Lindsey Michener

One of too many cats. Part Two.

Setting up The Red Farmhouse boothrepurposed timber gifts, hand painted signs and fixed up finds. Very fun.

Cousin Tess and Crosby: Lots of crayons, lots of spice. 
The finest horse in town!

Crosby loves Cousin Bella
Dining room, early January, 3am: Bottle feeding and trying to save Mayflower's calf named Happy Trails. 

A few of the pumpkins from Carver's patch

Award winning sheep. Naturally, not OURS! We just take pictures through the fence.

Crockett's birthday adventure in the mountains

Our grandfather, Poppy, turned 80. We wrote a book and made a cake!

Waiting for reinforcements

Backyard aerobics...Bowers style

Love, love, love reading with Bami (Curtis' Mom)

 During the Endless Frost of 2014

Can't believe Chap turned 6!!!

Hymn singing turned wrestling night with sweet friends

Celebrating the fluffy bunny slippers

Look on the bright side. At least they're clean! :)