Monday, July 3, 2017

Spring & Summer Favorites

Beautiful Iowa corn. Lots of it! 
Little brother's morning pow-wow on the porch.
Had a lovely time with these dear friends who came all the way from Tennessee to visit! 
Quick stop for gyros after a happy day visiting the local Amish stores.
Late night games and lively conversations before they took off.
Our neighbors post tornado shop. The boys were able to help clean this up.
Celebrating birthdays with a family favorite by Lina!
The newest creatures in the collection: bunnies!
Charlie & Gini restocking the hay with our neighbor's tractor. 
Love the brethren. :)
Fabulous time with Poppy and Bami all the way from Florida!!
One of MANY absolutely adorable bunnies! 
Crosby and sweet friend Lydia.
Is it possible he's overdue for a hair cut?
Thankful for our lovely collection of flowers.
Mother and Gini having a little tea and flower party!
One of many sisterly planning meetings!
Bikes. The new best way to burn abundant energy!
Family walk on the beautiful Kewash Trail. 
Maximizing bike rider capacity. :)
Flower Arranging 101 by Carver! :)
Special service at our church lead by the young men. Charlie did an amazing job leading the singing as well as preaching a message on the importance of choices.
Crosby's creative project with our favorite artist Lina!
This sweet couple, long time friends and prayer warriors, stopped by on their trek to California!
Three brothers getting married in just 24 hours. This is very fun!
Carolina's flower patch.
Some of the many raccoons that stopped by to feast on our flock! :)
Crockett's coon tail collection. Trespassers unwelcome. :)
Chapman loves any chance to be with Charlie, especially at the sale barn!
Science. Bowers style. 
Josh and Cass. Happy, happy, happy.
We collect things like this only to bother our Canadian friends with a maple sugar farm. :)
Planning and prep for our missions trip to Romania! 
Only Crockett. You'll have to ask him what he did with the shell. :)
Crosby making Pizza with Lina's beloved. :)
Carson & Lina's house. So exciting to see it progress!
Yummy Korner Kremery date with Daddy.
Latest addition to Charlie's herd. :)
Matching and happy on our way to an Arkansas wedding.
Lovely time visiting with dear friends who stopped in from Colorado!
Smiles and dessert abounding! 
Lina. Practicing for hunting season. :)
Brothers in the shop letting creativity fly!
Lina does newborn photography. Here is one of her latest. 
Because you can never have too many flowers!
Crosby practicing spelling on the porch.
Praise the Lord for invitations! This is progress!
Address and stamp party!
Power walking. :)
Very fun surprise for Cassidy's birthday.
The double wedding pen! Very nice.
Latest building project. Converting our shop into offices and work space.
Had a fantastic time with the Sugarbush family from Upper Peninsula, MI
Ending the day with a very lively jam session!
"Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!" Psalm 31:19