Friday, April 10, 2015

A Little Update

And now.... to unload. Yikes. 
Teamwork at its finest

Brandon enjoying hard work Florida style.  :)
Headed up the road to Franklin to celebrate Carolina's 20th Birthday 
Road recovery and fellowship at the Mellow Mushroom. Turns out it was BINGO night, too.

Beautiful church on the way home.
Our lovely new street, with blossoms everywhere and double named neighbors like Sue Carol.
Littles are so happy to RUN!  Deer, a turtle, a beaver and lots of wild turkeys wander through the backyard all the time.
Working on our neighborhood etiquette and not bringing any of them to the dinner table. :)
Sweet, sisterly tea party after collecting flowers...
Land of moisture where everything is green, blooming or  crawling!
Or flying. One of MANY who enjoy the porch. :)
Reeling in lunch at the back of the property?
The "little creek" that turned out to be more like a river. :)
All Bowers men start their mowing career at age 9. Here's Crockett getting a lesson.
He got the 8 inch grass to warm up on.... 2 acres = 6 1/2 miles!!
....and says he's ready to start a lawn business. It is possible we've finally found a way to use his energy! 
Laundry set up is the perfect height for Crosby Virginia, our other dearest with energy to share. 
We've never stayed so caught up in our lives!
  Celebrated Passover with lamb, bitter herbs and gluten free flat bread. So blessed to be feeling at home....

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On our Way to Tennessee!

Carolina getting inspired. Ha!
Last minute fixing up by our favorite repairman Carver.
Sunrise on our last morning home. Pass the tissues, please?  
Blessed, blessed by Mommas who came to help clean. Story time for their kiddos with Cousin Brandon from FL.

Parade of branches? 
Chariot races with Charlie
Loving on her buddy
Really classy dinner, driveway style. Decided it was a great spot and wish we'd thought of it before!
 5000 cans of sardines and the hot sauce from Fredricksburg? Really now. :)
 Finally heading out Bowers style: 13 hours late?!  
Family talk, prayer time and thanksgiving to the Lord for 17 years of amazing blessings in Idaho.
Only 2,200 miles to go. Oh YIKES. 
Charles in charge of all backing up endeavors....
Caravan officially heading out. At least it's still light on the same day we planned to leave. :)
Farewell to the lovely orchards and pastures on Hoskins Road for a little while
And here we go! Coasting down our favorite hill in Utah
Brandon snoring on his break from Penske duty
Celebrating a happy road trip with an Izze party. 
What fun (ha!) to keep all this energy sitting still! 
Oklahoma City! Dropped off the film for first round of final edits. Celebrated this HUGE milestone at "Whataburger". 
There are all kinds of ways to exercise :)
Crockett Henry. Naturally. Up a tree.
The perfect way to not lose children. :)
Day Four: Caravan continues through Arkansas.
Only one transmission problem. Blesssed and oh-so-thankful for no other ones at all!
Chapman enjoying his time in the truck
Crosby Virginia at the Mississippi River. 
Just entered TN! Praise the Lord!! Smiling by the riverboat "Memphis Queen".
Sigh of relief!! Pulling into our Home Sweet Home for the next 10 months.
Very grateful to the Lord for safe travels, very few and fixable problems, and GREAT memories made.
Fueled by the prayers of dear friends and the wonders of sweet tea? All are on high alert to not catch the Tennessee
twang, which folks in Idaho say we've already GOT. Ha. Will let YA'LL know how we do. :)