Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Things

Ornaments and door hangers made for friends & family with the names of God.
Little people aerobics led by Christian
Friends performing at an amazing Christmas handbell concert.
Looked at millions of twinkling lights on the river
 with Mrs. Johnson's World Famous Banana Bread and lots of cozy scarves and mittens.
Sticks + whatever "needs to go" = family favorite: BONFIRE!

There's no place like home sweet home, especially in the snow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Favorites from Fall

The sheep that travel and graze in the area. Tradition for the past 70 years.
Shepherds from Peru named John and Jordan.
Practiced Spanish, sang hymns and had apple cobbler while they charged their phones
 (and celebrated  Crosby's  birthday!)
Already FOUR! So thankful for our Gingersnap!
Recorded "We Gather Together".
Carver, the family songbird: anonymous folks say he sings like an angel. 
Stocking up for the Winter!
Team work at its finest.
Family Picture Practice Round One: Decided this was neither proper location nor correct apparel. :)
Practice Round Two: Still not there, but at least sitting down?! 
20 minutes later: parental pep talk for the Next Round. 
They even smell sweet. :)
Final Round: Four hundred pictures later.  :)

Soup & Singing Night
Gathered friends and neighbors to sing hymns and share God's blessings from the year.
Good conversations; lovely songs.
Cassidy made it all sound so much BETTER!
Love these sweet sisters.

Took turns reciting, singing, playing and finished off with dessert.