Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Catching Up on May

We had the opportunity to spend some time at 
a lovely place in MI called The Shack. 
The golf cart was a hit. :)
 Lina & Charlie headed up the drink department.
The Shack's World Famous Banana Splits have been served every night at 8:30 pm for 38 years.
These energetic fellows tested the paddle boats!
We were given a lovely rustic cabin for our week there. 
Here's Crosby keeping yummy things happening on the home front!
After seeing our 10th snake, Christian took dominion. He was planning to make snake stew.
Instead he skinned it and laid it out to dry.
Crockett on the roof drying his snake skins.
Note the ladder removal by a nameless brother!!
Sometimes we just need a lot of miracles. Here we had a week of laundry for 11 busy people and a  whole week of shipping to catch up on and LOOK at this!! 
Post office on one end... laundry mat on the other. 
School. Always! :)
Seems we're always in search of quiet times and spaces to read or study in!
Grateful for lots of hands on home education?!
Charlie spent a day in the shop with a friend in Ohio. 
Fine tuning those mechanic skills...which are clearly needed in our bus!!
Sweet friends took a lunch break with Charlie and Daddy.
Meanwhile....on someone elses farm?!
God provided an impromptu opportunity to spend the day with this happy family while the bus was in the shop. Got our gardening, baking and music fix! Only catch: Daddy had to drop us all off at 7am....and oh my! They welcomed us warmly even at the break of day! :)
A gigantic wood chip pile is just too much fun for 9 boys. :) 
A rather large battle followed this civilized (hmmm?) moment. 
Carolina playing the "Bach Double" with these fun sisters!
15 hours later: Heading out the door blessed and refreshed by our time with this happy clan!
 Coordinating the different time zones for Daddy's radio interviews can be comical. 
We often wake up and check the GPS just to figure out what state we're in.
Here's Daddy on a day he had three of them...all in different zones!
Charlie is great talking with anyone and has a special connection with truckers.
Stopped at the Creation Museum (one of our favorite places!) on our way through Kentucky.
We were given a year long pass there so we try to steer the bus that way whenever we can.
Once upon a time Daddy thought it would be wonderful to raise alpacas! He ended up doing restaurants instead, but always has fun when he gets to hang out with one. :)
Sometimes we end up having odd little lunches like this. :) Think brain food!
Oh wow. This is what we call being in a pickle?
BUT....there is usually a way out of these ridiculous situations.
Sometime you just have to pull. Hard!!
Speaking on "The AGENDA in America" in Kentucky.
This is generally Crockett's status at AGENDA events. The rest of us don't mind a bit.
Except when they start asking for his autograph. :)
Pizza in the church parking lot before an event in Berea, KY.
Moral of the story? Don't send Carolina into Costco by herself or you'll be living on greens. Ha. 
It normally goes better than this for the Bowers men. :)
 Every big family needs about 8 or 10 washers and dryers. 
We have ours sprinkled across the country. :)
Charlie helping us out of a parking crisis. Extra thankful for his humor at moments like these. :)
Quick stop in TN to reload the trailer and clean out our storage spaces.
Oh, the cuteness of it all! 
Quick evening visit with our dear friends. Crock was thrilled 
to see his honorary puppy Spots. 
Trey & Carver fixing the truck. It seems the Bowers need a mechanic in every state!
Making "Everything Free" cheesecake bars for Butter's 7th Birthday.
Yummy, yummy and so marvelous that we had them for breakfast!
Made from cashews! Really, Cass. You get the points for this one!!
You know you're near Mayberry when you see this. :)
Waving down the original squad car.
Daddy was having a meeting in town so the rest of us took a tour and power walk!
"2 Cute for Burgers"? Only some of our family agrees.
Lina is such an inspiration in sharing the gospel faithfully!
Very few people will appreciate this as much as the Bowers children. :)
Jam session with the Mayberry fellas.
We figured out the littles may have never been in a candy store before! 
We caved and tried the maple fudge and dark chocolate cashews. 
People cannot believe that Daddy is the bus driver who also gives all the speeches!
We have one answer: The Lord blessed him with ADD and this is about his speed. :)