Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snapshots from the New Year!

Tilling the field, testing equipment, and having a marvelous time!
Sibling time on the driveway. Drawing Happyville.
The only thing better than an engine: BOYS!!
View from the Kitchen window
Ah... Gotta love ya brothers!

Gini loves her Momma!
Carolina's gift to Crockett to help him through school. Nose aerobics! Yahoo.
Governor Cassidy Bowers at Capstone Student Legislature....vetoing bills. :) 
 Representative Gayle Batt. Sweet friend and favorite legislator.
In an uncertain world, apply PINK!
Taking dominion of the front yard bushes.  
A Crosby Tea party is the BEST.
Because any line up of chairs is really a train....
Christian: Family connoisseur of fabulous and tasty bread (Age 11)
Christian: Beginning his baking career. (Age 4)
On our favorite bridge in ID!