Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Camp!

Last Spring Daddy signed us up for Family Camp in Iowa??! Our dear friends the Bontragers have hosted
this wonderful week for years now, and we were truly blessed to join their family and many others for fellowship,
Bible teaching, loads of music, and a lot of FUN. 
The camp is also hosted by the incredibly gifted Wissmann Family.
Happy horserides in the afternoon.....
and lots of great stories kept things verrrrry interesting!
Crockett negotiating for the bike?
Best conversations start at 2 am. :)
Scruffy and dusty. :)
Father/Son hike and lunch by the lake.
Got to sing a few favorites
Daddy shared on the importance of purposeful family life.

Loved kayaking on the lake!
Chich heading down the!!
Waaaaay too many laughs with this crew.
Family devotions
Sweet Allison...always so good to catch up.
 Mr. Wissman....very fun object lessons. This one had to do with jars, shaking and eggs! :)
  Kayak trip down the Mississippi River! 
Charlie rowing away
The boys having the time of their lives. Ramming speed!
 One of our very, very favorite singing families....  the Bontragers 
Not sure we would have ever had the nerve to start traveling if these dear folks hadn't shown
us the way (or at least the inside of their bus!)
Campbell working out Carver's kinks during an evening session
Crosby with her new friend, Priscilla
One of our favorite parts was Momma's fantastic talk on expectations, peace and joy.
She included one of our best bus stories ever....coming soon in vivid detail. Next post?
Story time with the cutest bunch of little girls
Christian..... skeet shooting!
Blessed by the unique stories of so many families 
Momma also did a VERY FUN vocal performance workshop. :)
Early risers hiking up the mountain for the.... fourth time. :)
Midnight!? All star game of Family Feud: Bowers vs. Sugarbush

 God was so good to give us time away from film stuff, computer stuff and STRESS (!!!) to enjoy
His glorious creation, wonderful conversations and abundant memories with sweet friends.
Home now to finish several last minor details before our official release date.
Blessed, blessed, blessed!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Adventure Begins!

Advanced screening of AGENDA 2 in Kentucky. Praise the Lord!
Q & A time afterwards
The faithful backrow watching A2 for the 120th time? :)
Love, love the fun people we meet at our book table!
Bible time before hitting the road for Indiana
Such diligence! School is always more fun in the bus.
And of course.... popsicles are more fun, too.
Crockett fine tuning his photography skills.
Butter. :) True baby of the family.
Walking, talking and checking out the landscape.
We get our exercise in odd locations. This day it was a cemetery in Bowling Green dating back to 1812.
Car museum on the way to Indiana. 15 passenger vans have not ALWAYS been the coolest way to travel. :)
 One in the morning and we hit a dead end on the highway??!  Yep.
Chapman and Campbell... thrilled to be near one of the first Fords.
Speaking in Indiana. Second screening of A2.

End of Day 2....still flying down the road with no AC. So happy about all the folks who showed up to watch!
"Seven mile stare" at the booth usually sets in at about 11pm.
So thankful for the kind folks who put these events together!
Happy day at Rock Cut St. Park.
 Last time we were here, we'd just dropped Mama off in Chicago to fly to Aunt Becca'a wedding in Geneva. 
Family, fall and frisbee in lovely Illinios
V is for victory!!  Boys taking dominion at the dump station.

10 minute dinner...unrefined bus style. Yahoo! 
Daddy speaking on "The Joy of the Lord" in Appleton, WI. 
Sweet Momma manning the booth with smiles and stories
So blessed to be able to sing together.
Returned to the famous Scooter Hill for another round. Found our micro-snake Bendict Arnold here last time.
First visit...July 2012.
To be continued.