Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Engagement Party!

Sweet Aunt Pandy came to town for a family engagement party with Lina and Carson. 
We entertained a variety of Pinterest-esque themes like the "I DO BARBECUE". Ha!
This was promptly vetoed....but we did keep things festive with watermelon hearts. :)
Carver built a huge frame with some beautiful old house trim.
Cassidy put together growing up and happy, HAPPY, 
happy pictures from the last 6 months!
Finished product. Very fun!
Countdown on the phone of an anonymous sister. :)
Quick break from cooking for an Amish game called Dutch Blitz. 
Card slapping and number hollering. Who wouldn't love this?!

When the Bowers drink something besides water it must be a marvelous occasion!
 Soon many answers to prayer! We are so very grateful for all the Lord has done.
Did we mention Aunt Pandy is a wedding planner?
 Spread sheets and checklists are her love language. :)
Collected happy tables from all over the house and got the littles busy setting and arranging.

More watermelon hearts.
Charlie. Deep thoughts on love? Marriage? Water? :) 
 Chocotate Cake. A Carolina favorite. :)
We love each other and we love to gather and fellowship 
over yummy things. When we call it DINNER folks around 
here just stare blankly so SUPPER, SUPPER, SUPPER it is!
Sing with us, please! Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!!! 
Mama and Aunt Pandy worked on a lot of projects over the years and sang together for a long time. The Bowers, Bontragers and Pandy singing loud and singing long after supper was definitely a highlight. We even sang Joy to the World. A most fitting song. :)
Celebrated love in the air with cake and homemade ice cream. Definitely fabulous. :)
And thus begins an amazing season of prayers, notebooks, ideas, 
journaling, lights, coffee, dresses, candles, hugs, happy tears, discussions, 
Voxing, texting, lists, tents, calling, and connecting our hearts 
and our families in even sweeter ways.

To God Be the Glory Great Things He Has Done!