Monday, July 18, 2016

Favorites from Idaho

So many people invested in us during our years in Idaho and we were 
able to cram in loads of hugs and little visits during our week there. 
After looking at our pictures, we realized we were quite in the moment and did 
not assign anyone to photo taking duty!
 SO. These are just a few of the stops along the way. We are grateful to each friend who lovingly welcomed us and made our time there most memorable.

One of the projects we've been wanting to do for some time is a new family CD. 
The Lord opened up a window of time for us at our favorite studio in Idaho! 
The littles were way less PERFECTIONIST
 than the rest of we actually have CHEERFUL pictures of them. :) 
Some of us feel like this when we hear our parts! 
Laying down instrumental tracks.
Carver still sings like an angel.... just a tenor one these days!
Impromptu organizational meeting. Apparently we have a problem stealing harmony parts. :)
Our in house music director and her littlest little. :)
Thankful for Richard, our most patient engineer who fixes and mixes the rough spots. :)
Mama and Lina. It only looks like they're hollerin'! 
 Dashed into a Hispanic market between songs for homemade tortillas and WHAT ON EARTH! This unusual man had a frozen (FROZEN!) pig over his shoulder!
Our former Home Sweet Home, which is now hidden deep in all those trees Daddy planted!
Many YEARS of celebrating the 4th of July with this dear family! Such a special blessing to be back together on the Fourth, and to top it off with rounds of singing hymns!
Lovely Independence Day food inspirations! So YUMMY!
Some of the brothers...
....who are never short on adventure. 
 McKinley and Crosby...the animated sisters of 9 big brothers. 
Quite enthusiastic about the HIGH CALORIE love and surprises for our dearest Momma's B-day!
Happy lunch at wonderful Cousin Angie's house.
 She takes care of our AGENDA phone orders and loves us STILL and we are SOOO thankful!
More lovely flowers for Mother.
Setting up shop at Mission Aviation Fellowship. 
One of our favorite events of our Western States Tour was here in Idaho.
 A tremendous blessing to be with so many friends from over the last 17 years. Praise the Lord! 
The next morning!? Very few times in life do we get up at 5:50 am to EAT! 
Loved time catching up with old neighbors at the Orchard House. 
The young men's pancake pow-wow. 
Here we go again stuffing large numbers of people into a VERY small car. 
Rather third world.  Rather Bowers!
Having another memorable world domination discussion with this crew. :)
This is Crosby who sweetly decided to clean up around Daddy's drivers seat
and in the midst of trash collecting got her VERY head stuck behind the seat. :)
A thoughtful lady at the grocery store gave us this amazing lego ship. She was on her way to Goodwill and passed it along to us from the back of her car. Thank you, Lord! 
Charlie was thrilled to spend some time combining.  
Butter bottle feeding calves in Mountain Home.
Love it when the visionary Daddies get to visit! 
OH. WOW. This is so Idaho!
Butter with his very stiff fish. :)
Well. Hmmm. This was encouraged by the brothers. NOT the sisters. :)
Fellowship at the Farmer's market before hitting the road!
And last of all.....Carolina's latest addition to the Scripture sign collection.
Love the sign and love the verse! A timely reminder for us all.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Interview on Generations Radio

We like to post pictures of the unusual places Daddy does interviews
but thought it would be fun to let you hear one!

 Totalitarianism on The Rise - What You Can Expect

Also, one of our favorite new resources is:
Enjoy, enjoy!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Way Out West!

One of many happy hiking spots along the Columbia River in MT where Lewis and Clark traveled.
Glacier National Park has ONE large vehicle turn around on Going to the Sun Highway. 
And we....missed it?! 
 Saturday afternoon amidst thousands of tourists and hikers is just not the time to do an 89 point turn. 
But OH. WOW. We had the privilege. Twice. :)
  Note Carver stopping traffic. Charlie got the cars going the other way.

Our new family photo?
River behind us, cars backed up both ways (let's just say this was not quick!) and one large bus with seriously sweating parents stuck across the only route through Glacier National Park.
 God kindly provided two guys who waited FOREVER, pulled the trailer back down the mountain
 (and yes, that's a fabulous rushing river behind us) and met us at a parking lot where we were promptly yelled at by some hikers who felt we were in the way. Ha!
 Good thing they hadn't been on the ROAD! :)    
Our highly educational homeschooling hike was rescheduled for another PLANET, but OH! 
The Lord was MERCIFUL throughout! We even got a refund since we had leave for a meeting. :)
And this was where we started that day. Ya just never know. :)
Final moment of an exercise video created for friends in TN. 
As some would say... it was epic? Ha!
We like to call it "Pumping Iron."
Breakfast....compliments of Charlie and Butter and a fire at our campsite.
Christian brushed up photography skills on these lovely flowers!
Bible Bee Study continues! Note the classy vase. :) 
Campfire after a long family walk! One of our favorite things. 
Crosby's Good-Morning Hair!
Meeting sweet likeminded families is one of the highlights of this travel adventure!
Frank & Butter keep things exciting in their corner of the world.
Coos Bay:one of many incredible locations Daddy found to return phone calls & do an interview!
 If folks on the other end only knew. :)
Between events 6 nights in a row all over OR we made it to the beach
 and have now officially been from Sea to Shining Sea! 
Carolina and Charlie ventured into a Russian Market and came back with little yummy things including this "Liubitelskaya." Very crunchy stuff. :) 
Lina is Chap's Bible Bee buddy, so these came in handy as bribes. Excuse me... REWARDS!!
Love folks who summarize so well!
Campbell set up his own little booth to sell
AGENDA business cards! Loved it, especially when he said:
"They're actually free, but you can still donate."
Ever encouraging entrepreneurship where we can! :) 
On to our stretch through WA state. Love driving in the evening. So beautiful and peaceful.
Wonderful friends and Strawberry Angel Fluffy Pie. 
Or it was called something ethereal and light like that. :)
SOOO wonderful to be in a real kitchen! 
Lina worked wonders in the Gluten-free waffle department.
Why we pray for our children!! This was up the tree they were climbing!
Charlie patching up our friend Isaac who got kicked in the chin by a bull.
 Up close pictures shall be withheld, but Charlie did a great job!
Crosby all geared up for a quick trip to the river. 
Trying to prevent sun damage and keep her afloat all at once! 
Happy picnic!
Quick jump into the water at Whidbey Island! 
Donuts on the Columbia River.
Yes, we gals did love the inner tube as well (but are not about to put pictures of THAT on here!)
Looks like a Norman Rockwell. WAY too cute!
Lina and Anna. Happy, Happy, Happy!
Singing in Arlington, WA. Our very farthest West event!
Did two very fun events with our friends who just released "The Defense of New Haven."
 Children's showing of their film in one room.....parents and AGENDA 2 in the other.
Can you possibly guess which movie the Bowers watched?! Twice in one week! 
Q&A with some of the Steege Crew!
Campbell borrowed the famous hat from the Defense of New Haven booth.
Large quantities of filmmaking stories swapped! 
Experimenting with different mustaches for future reference!
Charlies is a wonderful salesman and regularly reminds the 
Bowers gals that things must be SOLD...not just given away because we 
think it's more fun that way! 
Finishing of a great week in WA with a late night round of fries and burgers in the bus. Truly grateful for people that love and help us in so many ways. On to Idaho....