Friday, March 27, 2015

Packing Phase 1....Storage, Placzeks and Poppy

The day the packing party officially began.  Always better with friends. :)
Half in and half out. Creativity in dishwashing! Love it.  
Hot tea & a Persian lesson.
Packing tip #1: No four year-olds mixing paint in your PILES!
Enjoyed a quick visit from Poppy!

Empty garage = GREAT acoustics 
1/25 of the AGENDA packing room squeezing into the allotted bay
Happy Placzeks added " positive peer pressure" and made us all sweeter. :)
Manpower of America. :)
The question of the month: "Where in the WORLD did all this stuff come from!!"
Practicing aim on the willow tree
Ultimate Frisbee Fest: Littles play better than a few siblings who shall remain unnamed. :)
If it doesn't quite come together we just call it exercise. :)
The little girl who never lacks a lengthy description.