Thursday, November 26, 2015

Iowa to Michigan to Texas!

Dinner and showing in Detroit
Trevor Loudon and Daddy did a fantastic Q&A time after several of the showings in IA
Shipping DVDs from the bus is....well, a whole new ball game?
Spotting post offices, printing out labels and packing boxes while
 flying down the highway must surely qualify as life skills. :)
Lego Land in the back of the bus
Some of the amazing folks who work so hard to help us...
Stayed at a wonderful place called The Shack during some of our events in MI.
Collected 20 bags of ACORNS in all!
The Shack is famous for serving banana splits every night at 8:30. Lots of fun!
End of their busy season, so we had almost the whole place to ourselves. Met an Amish family named the Yoders (as most are) who sang for us! Could not take pictures of them but OH! We had a lot of fun. Hope to visit their farms this Summer.  Got to take a happy family walk. So blessed.
Having a lunch date. :)
Beautiful old bridge overlooking the lake

So grateful for the kind friends who provided this incredible rest stop in the midst of a crazy month of travel!
The three of us jumped in the car with Daddy and headed to TX after our 4 week AGENDA tour.
So happy to see the Alamo again! Our own Crockett remembers the Alamo every day! :)
So blessed to listen to hear so many beautiful passages of Scripture at Bible Bee. Boys are inspired for next year!
Very memorable SPICY THAI dinner with Elizabeth. :)
Quick stop at the Historic Menger Hotel.
Babe Ruth and Teddy Roosevelt were just two of many well known guests here.
Happy time out in the country with these folks.
Caleb and Charlie testing out the dirt bikes.
Always love our time with these sisters!
No trip to Texas is complete without some target practice. :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Freedom Conference Highlights

Rafael Cruz sharing his incredible testimony.
 "The Blacksmith of Brandywine." Very fun!
Our candidate of choice. Yes! This is an endorsement!!!
"Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus"
One of the sweetest things: so many people did stand up as we sang this.
Crosby and Faith having fun at the conference!
Grateful for the vision and courage of Kevin Swanson, his family, and his ministry.
Ha! Sent to us during the conference from a friend in Michigan. :)
Daddy's college room mate from 26 years ago! What a blessing to reconnect.
Finished the weekend with fellowship and pizza. visitin' with Texas friends before heading out!
On the road again...
Fabulous day sailing through the hay barn!
Denver and Christian
 A whole dozen. :) Grateful for the influence and example of these brothers.
A little's lunch party. 
Charlie getting a bus repair lesson
Baking in the kitchen! Allison got us all stocked up on yummy gluten-free things. 
Adventures abound with Carver at the wheel

Ended up taking this computer (looked like ours but wasn't!) all the way to Peru (IL). Ever grateful for Fed Ex. :)
Blessed time with our dear friends at their lovely Iowa farm!

***Special Thanks to for the great Freedom 2015 Conference pictures!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ridgecrest, NC

Fastest road trip on record to Ridgecrest, North Carolina, for the Highway of Holiness conference by NCFIC.
Greatly enjoyed the messages by many speakers including Joel Beeke.         
Sound check. Almost as fun as taking a family picture. Ha.
Happy hike up the mountain with Mags.
Led a wonderful Hymn Sing each night for several hours with all the night owls at the conference!
The coloring, cutting and GLUING corner!! :) 
Charlie and Hayden
Arrived home with one day to repack and head for Iowa, film showings and the National Religious Liberties Conference. Blessed to be part of such an amazing event!
We always love to leave in the bus late at night. So peaceful.