Thursday, February 18, 2016

Preparing for Another Adventure

What a blessed, wonderful year in Tennessee we've had! 
God has graciously answered so many prayers 
and given us sweet fellowship in huge doses all along the way. 
We have so loved our time here and the dear friends who 
have made us feel right at home.

Today we are moving out. 
And moving into our bus. For the next 9 months. :)

We praise the Lord for the chance to serve Him
 and work together as a family. 
We praise the Lord that the film is DONE!
Thought y'all might like to see some of the changes we made
 to fit our tribe of 11 in here a bit more gracefully. 
Assuming that's possible. Ha!

Carver bravely attacked the purple carpet from 1995. 
It's the same age as our Carolina. :)
Tile went next. No, we did not save it to make Pinterest mosaics!
Incredibly kind friends from church gave us a lesson on 
subfloors after a chiseling party.
Is it obvious who was NOT doing the chiseling??!
Also found a nifty stash of wires to everything we don't use!
Carver masterfully sorted them out 
and got to several that work.
Better, better, better! 
Wahoo! Floor is in! Sofas are in! We have DRAWERS now, too! 
Praise the Lord! More on our lovely packing moments soon...

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Fellowship from the Past Few Weeks

Scouting out the woods and weeds of rural TN.
 Whataburger after an AGENDA 2 showing. 11:30 pm...all is well!
Chapman's Cheesecake with sweet friends in Montgomery.
Carver and Dr. Morecraft at the American Village
Our ever lovin' Idaho Cousin Angie came to town! So much fun!
Blessed by these dear friends so often!
On this particular day they drove to Alabama in a snowstorm to pick up Lina, Cass and Charlie.
Our favorite singing family who introduced us to the adventures of bus living.
On tour and on their way through Tennessee.
With Clarence Thomas' wife Ginni. AGENDA fan and likeminded friend.
 Very fun to visit with her in St. Louis.
Wonderful Remembering WWII friends. They make the Bowers seem so calm and quiet!
Amazing family we met at the Creation Museum. Missionaries to Romania.
Huge encouragement to all of us. Loved our time with them.