Saturday, December 26, 2015

December Favorites

"A Festival of Lessons & Carols". Absolutely amazing voices and instruments!
Daddy adopted our friend Meg for the evening. :)

Bowers Christmas Morning Tradition

Get up early and throw on festive attire...or at least something not too wrinkly.
Grab gospel tracts, cookies or carmel corn made by our dear Cass.
 Head for the local gas stations and hotels.

Upon arrival, set aside all nervousness and pile out.
Pick a note (if possible the same one) and hum it all the way across the parking lot.
Smile at onlookers.

Daddy decided several years ago it would be nice if the 11 of us
came through the door singing, so it's usually "Angels We Have Heard on High".
Who doesn't love that GLOOOOORIA part!?
Wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Give workers and any smiling customers tracts and yummy things.
Count Bowers children and proceed to back through snow and puddles.
Praise the Lord and pile in.
Repeat 2 minutes down the road.

We have done this for 13 years now and are blessed every blessed!!
Smiles, sweet tears, and even hugs from workers there. AH!
'Tis truly the highlight of the day.

Decided during dinner to go caroling. Out the door and down the street we dashed.
Happy time visiting our sweet neighbors.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Creation Museum and Other Things Along The Way....

This is December in Tennessee...for those of Y'ALL who have asked about the weather! :) 
When it rains, it pours!
And the creek really does rise.
SO thankful for three fun packed days with our sweet grandparents!
The party always includes weight lifting and exercise!
The lifting team. :)
Squeezed in an amazing evening of fellowship with dear TN friends 
Our grandparents and the Botkins were able to reconnect after 20 years.
One of many happy corners blessed by Mama's lovely touch
Conversations in the kitchen
Decided to take a last minute trip to the Creation Museum so our grandparents could experience some true bus living!
Campbell: really working up a sweat (while we packed the bus!) :)
All loaded up!
Quick stop in Cincinnati where Dandy was born
Carolina's wonderful painting comes in handy for makeup moments. :)
Because pictures on the phone are much funner.  Is funner a word? :)
Grateful for this amazing place with such strong God-honoring purpose.
Smiles from the petting zoo
Carver and the Zonkey

Got to visit with Buddy Davis, who sculpted most of the dinosaurs in the Museum.
Even better than a Zonkey is a Zorse. :)
Wonderful time walking around the gardens. Got to meet Patch the Pirate's brother here during lunch.
Millions of beautiful.

 Love, love, love.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Spent Thanksgiving with two dear families this year. Grateful for the Lord's incredible blessings.