Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All in a Night's Work

In case you're wondering: 

Government workers actually work in Fremont, Michigan.

I know this because all last night they repaved the road behind the bus. 

No effort was spared to smooth things out, roll things again and drive over every square inch with the back up signal turned on. Nice and loud.

Never before has a 50 yard stretch of road had so much time and attention. 


As the Bowers family snored, engines started 223 times and I rehearsed  lengthy lectures for those workers of iniquity (ha), I was reminded of yet another week with so many blessings: 

The countryside is beautiful…. Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.
The Lord has given Curtis the right words…the response has been overwhelming.
People have been kind and so very generous. 
The Lord has allowed the bus to run perfectly.
We've sung almost every night, stayed up until weird hours.... the Lord has kept us well.
The micro-snake in the almond butter jar still has not escaped.

Though bus living with our crew is very moment by moment, we're in the home stretch. However.....we will certainly watch for construction cones and other evidence of feigned diligence wherever we park:)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stops Between Events

Lots of Amish

I  just love my brother:)

Squeezing in the wagon Curtis collected

City Hall...Wooster, Ohio
                                                          Lehman's Hardware has everything.

Carver especially liked the earmuffs:)

Crockett getting shots of horses and buggies...

 Met P. Graham Dunn and saw his amazing woodworking factory.
"How Great Thou Art" behind the girls is 4x8 feet....absolutely beautiful.

One of many huge Amish barns

AGENDA  lecture in Detroit

 Bowers brothers never stop wrestling:) 

Horseback riding at the Newsteds....Fremont, MI.

Charlie warming up his driving skills
Picking blackberries in the rain. Yum:)

Carolina: "I don't understand why we have to clean up."  

The Ford Museum 
That's alot of wrenches!

Ronald Reagan's Presidential Limo

The original Hot Dog car
Everybody needs a sister:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here and There

With Becca, Scott and David

Tess in Swiss head gear from the underwear  pile

Rehearsal Dinner with Mom and Dad

Had a great time catching up!

Becca and Matthias

Scott called.....can't find his suit?!
Mom: forever lovely.

Cousin Eliana, who really does speak 3 languages fluently

With Dad at Lake Geneva 
Closing prayers

Aunt Jenni and Uncle Scott
Signing on the dotted line...

Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary Catherine
with Tess, Declan and Dashe

Some of the world famous McAlvany men

Nap time with Tess, the original Sugar Plum:)

Cousin Isaiah..... looks like Chapman:)

Just married and headed for Greece
On the other side of the world.....Carolina was taking pictures, too:)
Christian shooting Band Aid wrappers at the paper towel roll?

Experimenting with gravity
and  singing"On the Good Ship Lollipop" 

Another member of the zoo

Does Whole Foods sell Beefaroo?

The men on Scooter Hill

Yep, he got these for the boys (ha!)

Benedict Arnold, the microscopic snake..... before coming home to the almond butter jar

a Father Daughter Retreat:)
The World's Very Best Daddy