Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Butter and Other Favorite Things

Sweet Campbell, known to all of us as Butter, turned six!
So blessed by this funny, wild boy as he brings up the rear in the band of Bowers Brothers.
Rediscovered our utterly 80's tablecloth from Carolina's First B'day in our move. 
Love, love, love!
Turtles by the creek may be the closest we get to pets this year, except for the neighbor's dog who joins us regularly!

One stop on the Arts and Ag Tour through the hills of  Hickman County
Looking for good books in April's AtticGreen Eggs and Ham did NOT make the cut. :)
A fine running commentary on quality and pricing!
Toting home the bargins....

Arts and Ag Tour Cont'd: The world's best fry bread with jam and powdered sugar served at a beautiful farm in the hills of Tennessee. Absolutely wonderful way to spend an afternoon!
Quick stop on the winding road home to talk tractors.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Spring Pictures

Annual Slice of Americana: Mule Day in Columbia, TN!
Everybody needs a sweet big brother.
Thousands of horses, mules, and wagons. Here they come....

.....and there they go!

The South: Rubbing off on Crosby?
Carolina: Copybook Heading Productions' Creative Committee!
Outrunning the mosquitoes with a good game of frisbee.
Art lessons with Lina on the porch
Davy Crockett statue in Lawrenceburg
Pretty neat to have a whole state covered with your name!

The home Davy Crockett built in the early 1800's.
Pizza party and a family walk at Crockett Park
In the trenches. Editing. Forever. :)
Grateful for lunch with sweet friends and Dr. Hammond who came to TN this year!
Learned amazing things about current events, the Great Commission, family discipleship, and much more.
Two wonderful days of wisdom and practical considerations for all.
Very thankful for a short but packed visit with our favorite missionary.