Saturday, July 11, 2015

Red, White and Blue

 4th of July in Alabama
Little fellows in training. :)
Campbell's free ride to the finish line.
Water ballon toss winners. 
Re-enactors in costume with Col. John Eidsmoe. 
Mary Virginia and Crosby Virginia dancing the Virginia Reel
Brave Cassidy kept playing even though we all lost our notes somewhere? Memorable to say the least. Ha. :) 
Mrs. Ford giving Mama lessons on how to win a Pie Eatin' Contest
Crosby with sweet Mary, better known as Cookie.
Piggyback is the best. :)
Col. Eidsmoe spoke on the Magna Carta 800 History
The Neighborhood Parade 
Littles touring the Parade firetruck with sweet Maggie
Crockett and Cookie bringing up the rear. Think they need some chocolate.
Swimmin' pool time.
 Happy mommas and their baby girls.
Quick trip to the ice skating rink!

Headin' home and working on Bible Bee. 
What country folks do in the South without a pool. Setting up the water works...
...and trying them out! Three to a cooler, please! :) 
We have officially cornered the market on happy, hot and sweaty. :)
One more shot of the neigbors cows.  Because it feels like home. :)
One of many incredible lightning storms.
 Topped off the week with a happy visit from Daddy's parents, Poppy and Bami.
Playing cards with Bami
World Famous "Charlie Claus" stories...told only by Poppy.