Monday, September 22, 2014

From The Garden

Though we unloaded from the road in record time, we've all decided we must have bus lag. Sorta like the jet lag you get when you fly overseas. Foggy and wandering?! Yikes. Never the less.....seventeen ENORMOUS watermelons grew beautifully in Carver's garden and have eased us back into real life!
On the hunt for goodies in the.... jungle. :)
New favorite assignment for folks without a mission: Scrub 30 potatoes and report back to Mama!
Birdwatching works well from here, too.

Inspired by bus repairs?? The ancient go cart looked pretty easy to fix. :)
Up and running. Practicing driving, yard style. Almost perished 7 times as the trees flew by?!
Our favorite season. Loved it so much one Fall we painted the dining room this color!
Garden dinner all together
Celebrating being home with a bonfire on Family Night!

Almost Home!

Breakfast popcorn from our sweet friends. Love the no utensil, no plate idea. :)

A very non-remarkable refrigerator moment in light of very messy calamities of the past!
Big right turns send things flying if someone forgets to fasten the velcro. :) 
Love the wipe board. Former Math teacher of our clan loves to have a place to make his point! Also handy for busy girls.
Wrestling. Again. :)
Decided to spend the last several hours before getting home packing up so our "landing" would be smoother.
Carolina hung stuff. And more stuff. And more....stuff. :)
Started at the back and hauled it all forward into categories for delivery at home.
Upon arrival, putting away time for every compartment in the bus was under 1 hour.
Wahoooo. Love finding things that work!!

Ellis and Elaine

The Lord used our friends Ellis and Elaine to get the ball rolling with AGENDA in 2010.
Love when we get to catch up with them. They are foodies AND musicians, which makes for a lot of fun. :) 
Not sure anyone but Ellis else has gotten the bus to fit in a suburban front yard!
Fellowship and lunch
Christian learning to play the autoharp
Carolina had a trumpet lesson, but that was nothing compared to the Shofar! Made from a ram's horn.
Very amazing part of Jewish history.

Basil and more basil. Think pesto forever. :)

Jam session after dinner: Lina snagged the bass, Ellis took the autoharp, Cass kept the guitar rolling. Charlie hummed.
Headed out the door Sunday morning with hot buttered popcorn and lots of hugs until next time....

All the Way Through Oklahoma

Crosby's very big "flower"
Seems there's just something about boys, rocks and rivers.  :)
Love the vacant skater parks 

Dinner Indian style in honor of the locals.

Saddles galore. Now we just need a HORSE!
Stopped in Tahlequah. Turned out it had an entire University at the other end of town!

Ha! You can imagine what a hit this was amongst the crusaders of the family!

Charles does seem to have a lecture series prepared for everything.....even pictures with his Mama. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last Minute Stop at the Harts

Had a last minute scheduling change that sent us right past the Hart family. Very fun time...lots of boys....and lots of girls!
The welcome committee!
Friends that fiddle are the best. :)

Love, love this picture!! Boys (and PaPaw Hart) refueling after catching a Texas sized MOTH!
Still smilin' at 2 am. Ha. Only the young can pull this off.
Serious checkers war in the family room
Sweet sisters making breakfast for a crowd
Is that a lot of plaid or what?
Gal's Morning Concert. Loved it!
Men's Pow Wow at the Oak Tree