Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Photos

Corporate meeting in the wheelbarrow
"Quantity Discount" sticker party before breakfast: Hosted by Carver and Christian

Checking to see if anyone remembers how all this stuff works

A real live concrete truck...thrill of the day for the Bowers' men

Too bad it didn't stay that lovely warm copper color:) Think Band-aid pink. Really.

Recording for an AGENDA promo project

Oh WOW. Is he yawning or belting his part? And his Mother is concentrating waaaay too hard.

Blessed by Carolina who decided the table was looking a bit bare

Practicing chivalry and grass pickin"

Just getting ready to nab her apple 

Just getting ready to nab his shovel
Legendary Producer Mario Pellegrini

Beautiful Yosemite. Thankfully he didn't fall off the rock.

Entomology 101

Pardon me that the Chatanooga Choo Choo?

Sugar and Spice, now with Popcorn:)

Finally! On the way to an organized coat of paint.

Cassidy's nature walks are the best!

Relocated about 70 feet of books to the stairs until further notice....Cass loves her new library.

In an uncertain world, we are blessed by daughters who make beautiful Challah bread.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back at the Starting Line

For those of you wondering where we are in the family friendly process of making a film:

Curtis leaves Friday to meet our very dear nephew in San Francisco for an AGENDA event and then over to camp at Mario Pellegrini's homey little place….27,000 square feet over looking his vineyards and the Pacific:) 
Curtis speaks for another event there on Saturday morning.

Interviews start Saturday with Orlean Koehle 
Sunday….off to Yosemite to film Warren B. Smith
Monday: Sen. H.L. Richardson; Monday night: Tea Party event in Redding
Tuesday Noon…Meteorologist  Brian Sussman
Wednesday…Fly to Southern California
Thursday….Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Friday…Ray Comfort (my favorite of the bunch!!)
Saturday/ Sunday…B-roll (which is all the filler footage you look at while the subject is speaking)
Monday…G. Edward Griffin
Tuesday…Home, Lord willing!

Top prayer items:
Getting the equipment there…not lost, stolen or in 20 pieces:)
Asking the right questions and getting concise, articulate answers
Lights, cameras and computers working with no details skipped 
(Yep, someone forgot to turn on the sound one time:)
Packing and re-packing suitcases and equipment every day, and formulating questions during down time….extra stamina for all this 
Driving ALOT of miles....pray for safety!

We are excited to begin this phase and so look forward to seeing what the Lord does! 
He has graciously provided every step of the way before and we trust He will continue to open doors.
Thank you for being part of the adventure.

Photos forthcoming of the Family Closet, the Almost Bathroom and the ongoing AGENDA Sticker Party.
Don't you wish you were here?!