Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend with the Aunties

Happy picnic at Crockett Park with our sweet Aunties from FL
An up and coming photographer :)
Crosby enjoying animated stories with Kali
Practicing drills in the backyard

Swinging with Aunt Pandy
Skyping with the cousins. Hard to fit the clan on that little. tiny. screen. :)
Window shoppin' in Franklin.
Among the most charming of Southern traditions.
We really did try it. Mixed reviews. :)
Gathering at the Franklin Courthouse. Love reading about all this history.
Christian's fabulous rendition of "O, What a Beautiful Morning!"  Fantastic acoustics.
More stories with the Aunties. Favorite of the weekend: "Stand Back Said the Elephant... I'm Going to Sneeze!"
Our handyman, Carver, giving the old awning a much needed repaint
Our neighbors have new cows.YAY! Perhaps you heard the Bowers' cheers?
Little tea party, lollipops and Aunt Pandy
Crosby at her favorite station in the dish pit!

Sang all the wonderful hymns we know for hours on end!
Long, long ago, Aunt Kali, Aunt Pandy and Mama sang together for events all over the place.Very fun. 
Brotherly sisterly bonding in the post production world
Singing Sisters may reunite someday as the Silver Sisters. Ha. :)
Making hair bows with Auntie Pandy
Sunday morning: bows are a hit! Tried to wear 'em all at once but settled on this one. :)

Laughing and crying all through the 1939 Classic, "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
Happy Father's Day! So thankful to God for the incredible gift of our Daddy. We are very blessed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Post!

Setting up for the Sanctity of Marriage Rally at the Alabama Capitol
Dinner prep committee following the rally
Carolina with dear Maggie

Chief Justice Roy Moore
Always grateful for the opportunity to meet courageous leaders!
Ended the busy day with pingpong living room style.
Christian, Hayden and Charlie
Loved our time with this visionary family!
While the neighbors called in landscapers, Carver planted pumpkins along the driveway.
 He also found the fastest way to weed. On wheels. :)
The first edition of Carolina's fabulous new coloring book! :)
Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho Graduation Ceremony
Still smiling after 1000 pictures. :)

Daddy was asked by the graduates to give their commencement speech.
God was good and gave him just the right words.
Got to catch up with a few sweet friends in Idaho.....

More Tennessee turtles
Tractors and bikes on the driveway
Visiting with friends who have 8 boys. :)
Happy and delicious dinner with kind friends at Heritage Reclaimed Farm

Great discussions on the world of film
Stayed and played until the fireflies came out. Very fun.
Chick-Fil-A dates with Daddy: Crosby's favorite thing in the world!