Friday, October 30, 2015


PRAISING THE LORD for answering so many, many prayers over the past 2 1/2 years!
 We are so grateful for loving friends and sweet families across the country who have prayed for us,
prayed for this film, prayed for Curtis' health, and prayed for so many other details.
"The Lord is good to all and His tender mercies are over all His works."
Shipping our first orders!! So excited to see our dining room table covered with DVDs!
Bowers style packing party!
 PRAISING THE LORD at the loading dock. :)
Bami and Poppy arrived just about the same time as our boxes! 
Celebrating October Birthdays, Poppy's fabulous new book and a finished film!
Burning up energy in the backyard with a fierce game of frisbee. 
Happy 14th Birthday to Carver! Still sings like an angel...just a more grown up one. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Here, There and Happy 50th!

 Visited the Merriweather Lewis Memorial. Love the Fall colors in the Sunny South!
Love family walks in the woods. Found this straggler and decided to keep her. :)
The thing about Fall colors is they become leaves on the ground! Chapman bravely tackled the driveway area.
Is this too much chocolate or too many war stories? 
The men took Daddy out to a HUGE breakfast for his 50th!
Lighting 50 candles. :) 
Celebrating 50 wonderful years! LOVE our amazing Daddy! 
Sweet Cassidy snapped the photo AND made the best Chocolate Cake in the history of Chocolate Cake.
Campbell always loves to make piles of notes for any occasion!
Recipe for a Happy, Happy Day for all: book of letters and notes from loving friends near and far, a mini documentary of sweet folks sharing thoughts, and Daddy's favorite song, The Love of God, on a 4 foot canvas by his dear Lina!
Blessings abound. :)

 Bowers men on a 2 day mission to Idaho.... see favorite cousins....
...and help dear Mr. Hill with his annual pumpkin display at the Post Office. Yep. He grew 'em all!
 This lovely display has traditionally gone to Bowers'  highly hungry chickens shortly after Thanksgiving. :)
MISS these wonderful neighbors very much!
Breakfast  and fellowship at the Orchard House with more neighbors we miss!! 
Last stop in Mt. Home, ID, to hug and visit our brave friends who really do have a dairy in the desert!
Some of the hardest working folks we know. Always an inspiration.
No adventure is complete without a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Naturally. :)
Christian and Crockett. Yes, they wrestled all the way to Denver. :)
Showing of AGENDA 2 at a great church in Denver.
Wonderful friends who always love us, feed us and teach us!
Still driving. Still smiling. 
Loved the Boot Store in MO.  Just 19,000 pairs (really) to chose from!
Ahhhh. Home Sweet Home.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Remembering WWII Highlights

This past week our amazing, history loving friends put on their 4th Annual Remembering WWII Event.
These are the veterans who came for the day.
The Germans preparing for battle reenactment...
and the battle in full swing!
Strategies abound.
Did the lovely Boyer sisters really stop the battle? :)
Nope! Flying shrapnel and smoke bombs...
...and earplugs for the littles. :)
Americans making a come back....

...and the British contingent right there with 'em.
The Iron Mare 
Happy young soldiers on active duty.
Just before victory! That Nazi flag is coming down!
Diligent paper boys.
Blessed to hear the stories and thank these brave soldiers!
Ice-cream makes any battle even better. :)
Lina and Cass. Kind of like "Where's Waldo?" :)
Apparently they let civilians from another era on board.
Mr. Courter atop his WWII Duck.
Our very favorite sailor!
Approximately 4000 people came to watch the re-enactments and to enjoy the completely transformed town of Linden!
All storefronts were WWII. Like stepping back in time!
Cassidy adopted this very cute mini-sailor for the day!
Lovely Boyer sisters singing "Chattanooga-Choo-Choo"
One of our favorite German hats. Those sprigs are!
Obviously the Bowers have not tackled the WWII dress code yet.
We promise to at least find our red lipstick by next year!! 
Crosby figuring out the best way to plug her ears and eat all that popcorn! 
Happy siblings who DID figure out what to wear!
Holocaust survivor Arthur Pais shared his story.
Daddy was in charge of filming the different speaker's incredible stories of courage and endurance.
Very inspiring.
Beautiful tribute to the men lost in WWII.
Roaring down the road.
Traveling back in time for tea.  
Happy ride in a very authentic old firetruck!
The ever lively band!
                                          A favorite re-enactor.
850, 000 WWII Vets are left worldwide. They are dying at 500 each day.
We were thankful to meet them and to better understand this part of our history. 
The amazing crew that made it all happen. Dressed up for evening festivities in the USO.
A fantastic rendition of Winston Churchill's famous speech.
Audience was utterly captivated until the downpour.
Lovely Esther never missed a beat as everyone jumped up just after this shot... and ran!
The Courter and Vernier families ended a most wonderful day with, "We'll Meet Again."