Saturday, June 11, 2016

Technically We're Halfway! 4 Months On The Road...

Finished our time in NC with delightful friends at their amazing barn home. 
So glad we were there for church, singing, fellowship and even a showing of AGENDA 2!
The more the merrier! Off to feed the fish!
Crosby reading I Spy with Mr. Brown, a WWII hero and wonderful friend.
This is THE best idea ever:
A swing that swings through the living room and over the dining room table. Really!
Loved our Sunday afternoon here catching up and relaxing.
Ended up in TN for a happy Saturday working and singing at our friend's farm for the Arts & Ag Tour. 
This is one of the most beautiful, peaceful places around. :)
Christian and crew keeping things in order.
Still catching up at the end of the day!
Recipe for...wild?!
As we left TN we had the lovely surprise of meeting up with this happy family from church at Loves! 
They just bought a limousine for their 3 hour trek each way every Sunday
 from their home in AR. Littles and Charlie especially loved this. :)  
Oh so thrilled when we find happy playgrounds along the way to use up the ENERGY!!
Getting Cassidy's ever faithful printing press rolling for Bible Bee!
Charlie and Carver working hard on their Bible Bee study.
Imagine the thrill of this rather large spider walking across the back up camera! 
Hauling stuff to little Post Offices all over the place. 'Tis what we do!
Fiddle practice at the bleachers. This is so Lina. :) The park never sounded lovelier!
One of the ways we attack ailments: charcoal water!
Frank & Butter inspire the rest of us! 
Frank finished 200 pushups and Butter followed up with 130. Not bad for 7 and 8 years old. :)
Such a blessing to drive through such picturesque farm country!
Enjoyed a lovely Memorial Day cookout with this dear clan.
Crosby assisting with a muffin project.
We love people that let us learn from their work projects!
Clean laundry! Count your many blessings! :)
Yep. The clean laundry was...very short lived. :)
We did NOT have the life skills to jump into the middle of this one. Ha!
We definitely have a shameless sharing problem when it comes to adorable babies like this. :)
Reconnected with the Odgaards, the inspiring couple who stood up for marriage in Iowa.
They lost their beautiful wedding and floral business but the Lord has given them a new mission.
We praise the Lord for faithful Christians like this!!
The Leaning Tower of Chapman?! Our little family power walk was 5 miles!
Found about 1 million tadpoles! Crosby filled her water bottle with them, Campbell had his baggie full of them, and this one was on the way from tadpole to frog in the frisbee!
Everything black is tadpoles. Finally! 
Something moving faster than the Bowers brothers!
Everyone but Mama thinks sardines are the ideal bus food. She prefers chocolate. :)
And YAY! Her new walking record! 13 miles! 
This does not happen often but it's nice to know it could. :)
A sweet couple in NE graciously made us this feast and delivered it to the bus.
AGENDA 2 showing in beautiful 1927 theater. God was so good to answer our prayers about a projector glitch that had never happened before and seemed unfixable. Thank you, Lord!!
It is a privilege to visit with so many different people! Praise the Lord for sending them to us!!
Bible Bee time in Sioux Falls with Chap. Always fueled with cashews. :)
Loved it! Found many rocks like this in a state park in IA.
We average about 5 events per week.....thus a lot of our pictures look like this!? 
There are groups of people willing to stand for the truth everywhere.
 Badlands, SD on our way to Rapid City. Grand time climbing. And sweating!
Just the sign to help ya relax!
Did we mention climbing? And sweating?!
The push-up saga continues!
Refueling during a showing. :)
Yet another life skill is.... use of available products!
2 hours before we were deep in the dirt at Badlands State Park.
Spritz, spray and powder away! :) 
The booth crew. Love when it's long enough to fit almost everybody!
Quick stop at Dinosaur Park...built in the 50's and overlooks Rapid City.
Carolina. Breathing deeply. All by herself. :)
Mt. Rushmore. Very fun. And with Cassidy, mostly recovered and always smiling!
Plotting yet the next adventure. Or takeover. Or meal?
We love the clouds out West! 
Praise the Lord for His marvelous creation and for giving us time to enjoy it!