Monday, January 9, 2017

Favorites from December

Continuing life in in Iowa. Lots of buggies. Lots of cold!
And snow...beautiful snow! 
Our last few weeks have been filled with hammering away the house, 
family time, games, singing, and cooking! Yay for cooking! :)
Christian. Cabbage beanie. Really now. Are there limits to our homeschooled-ness?
At least he's reading! 
And yes....BB guns were drawn and ready to roll but the boys were kindly reminded about
 city limits. And TRAFFIC?!
Very fun evening with our special friends the Garraways who were Mary and Joseph in the Christmas play.
It was a privilege to hear about their ministry. And pass around their darling baby!
The gals visiting corner....
...and the guys visiting corner! So blessed to see how God is working in their sweet family.
Crockett working on his strategy skills with a friend.
Quantity discount on push ups. Many hands make light work! Theoretically.
Trip to Tennessee to finish up some business with Daddy.
The crew that most needed a hillside? Cabin fever? Definitely. :)
 The boys enjoyed a lovely time at this amazing farm in Tennessee.
Boys and dogs. Perfect.
Boys camping out southern style. :) One of the most wonderful gifts given to us this year has been the ongoing love and hospitality of dear, faithful friends like these.
 Lina, Cass and Christian also had a quick trip to TN and got to catch up with these friends and hear about their wonderful ministry to Russian families. 
More healthy, hearty competition!
And helpfulness between the cracks!
 Aren't all visits good visits when a Frappa is on board?
Meanwhile, back on the home front?
Check out the Feels Like temp and just plan on freezing (or dying?!) 

for about 4 months! Hmmmm. We cordially invite your for 
Sweet Tea on the porch. IN JULY!!
Campbell and Crosby running errands at Menard's! Accompanied by some unseen parent. :)
Stop at the coffee shop and a few other sister errands in Kalona. 
You just have to love a place called Fig and Farm! 
 We are trying to be more Dave Ramsey-ish, so we took the whole crew to the bank. :)
 All Bowers children opened accounts, and this is Jan, who graciously helped us with mountains (MOUNTAINS!) of paperwork! 
Three shifts of three at a time got us out in several hours. :) 
We even got some reading time done in the lobby. Some. :)
 In the middle of our banking day, Lina got her driver's license. Ridiculous, yes...but we have not been in one place long enough to commit to a state, so YAY! She's legal now! Also finally got permits for Cassidy, Charlie and Carver. Questions about Cassidy's license may be submitted directly to her. :) 
Buttered popcorn party with Momma. Between the house and other projects going on, these parties seem to happen a lot more frequently?! It is very fun to have just little ones sometimes.
And OHHHH! How fun to plop a baby in the house for the day! 
Crosby helped babysit one of our favorites. 
We set the timer for visiting babies or they are not very shared! :)
Happy girl's reading corner.
Four o'clock in the morning!? Apparently this is when the locals and the experts hit the tree stand. 
We are still re-setting our clocks and trying VERY HARD to be morning people!! :)
 So many families have blessed us in this way and it is a joy to gather new and old 
friends to fellowship over yummy things.
Reading time with Charlie
Crockett and a very favorite buddy. 
Daddy visited the Iowa Capitol at the beginning of the Legislative session and met with several Representatives. He ran into this family friend in the hall! 
"The Heavens declare the glory of God..."
The BUS! Gathering some odds and ends from cabinets and cleaning. This day our heater was not behaving and our lovely organic vinegar cleaning sprays FROZE upon application. 
Wiped them and we had...snow!  
Ever improving all things bus!
The Lord has been so good to bless and protect us everyday and we are grateful to stop rolling.
For a season. :)