Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting there....

As of Friday afternoon, almost everything's in! Wow...and praise the Lord for grandparents who graciously babysat amidst our noise and chaos. Saw an announcement today for "The Bowers Family Singers" and all the patriotic, fabulous (ha!) songs we'll be presenting next week and thought, "OHHH. We sing?" So Charlie is warming up his rumbly new voice, little boys are trying to stand still on two legs for "America the Beautiful" and Crosby Virginia has an ongoing fascination with Christian's hair. Hmmm. And while we did learn you don't have to pack for every scenario possible, I'm also reminded that the same 11 people will be  living, breathing, eating, sleeping....and yes, singing all together in very tight spaces until mid-August and suddenly all this stuff sorting and packing seems very simple:)

Monday, June 25, 2012

No....this is not a garage sale!

Planning on packing a little lighter this time

Thoughts on Packing

Yes! With less than a week to go, we are still  just pondering re-loading all the goodies we finally got back into place in the house. Sweet Cassidy planted 104 cheerful sticky notes all over the bus to direct us when we finally muster the courage, and Crosby and I are supposed to be practicing sleeping in uncomfortable places. So far we've both stayed right in our own beds:) Tomorrow is "Get the Supplies Day" at Costco....lots of paper things, lots of nuts. Brought all kinds of lovely ingredients last time and realized stuff that doesn't drip, stick or scatter is a must. Thus the nuts:) No sunflower seeds or hard boiled eggs. Ever. And Curtis has promised us space below for things like the Bowers Boys Cowboy Boot Collection. For this we are grateful:)