Monday, August 28, 2017

Favorites from Sunday and Monday

Sunday morning this nice guy just showed up for breakfast. :)
Gathered our families after church to discuss wedding details and practice singing together. 
So many opinions. So little time! Ha!
Very adorable groomsmen discussing the order of events.
Love our church and our Pastor and the FRONT ROW! Very good for listening skills. 
The Lord sent our dear friend Lindsay to town to cook, keep the lists going
and keep the brides smiling! 
Loved and encouraged by notes from across the country.
Daddy and Chapman beautifying the great outdoors one table at a time.
Love our meals together here and look forward
 to family arriving from 'round the globe on Tuesday! 
Charlie's tomatoes are amazing! Chicken on the grill by Carver.
Trying to improve these life skills as we give away our
our lovely and faithful kitchen managers. 
The beauty of having a mechanic in the family is that ovens get fixed, too! Blessed indeed.
Crosby's Happy Bag assembly line.
Protein, chocolate and other goodies help EVERYONE smile more sweetly. 
Glorious day of making granola, listening to Daddy's stories,
fantastic leafy greens, Bible time, brunch menus, chocolate,
shopping lists, orders on Amazon and praising the
Lord for so many sweet blessings.
If all goes well we hope to send pictures tomorrow. :)     

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