Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Rehearsal! Gathering the (highly energetic and incredibly creative) wedding party for instructions.
Marvelous Grooms and their very sweet Grandmother!
Littles, littles, littles. Love them all!!
Details. There are JUST a few! Ha!
The perfect place for everything is out there somewhere!! :)
Getting ready to practice with Daddy. 
Mothers' scheduled time to CRY keeps getting put on the next list but the tissues are ready!
Graceful exits. Very important! :)
Lindsay...still baking wedding cakes in the kitchen!
Can you smell this? Amazing. Wonderful. Samples accepted. :) 
So happy to have our Grandparents in town! 
They made the trek from Berlin and got in last night in time for ANOTHER delightful brunch. 
Love their missionary stories and sweet fellowship.
Aunt Pandy's Box of Essential Goodies for Every Floral Opportunity.  
Tags. You can never have enough tags?!
Our new favorite baking girl.
Bowers boys absolutely adore Aunt Pandy!
Some call it Kleenex. We call it a NECESSITY  for every purse and pocket!
Counting the hugs and kisses, walks and talks, coffee stops and HOURS!
Incredibly thankful for time together, singing and praying together, and for all the Lord is doing. :) 


Elizabeth. said...

It is getting SO real and I am so excited for you all!! :) :) What an incredible, God-glorifying weekend it's going to be!!

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for about 4 years - this is so exciting! Quick question, are Carolina and Cassidy going to start their own blogs?

Blessings to the whole family during this joyous occasion! :)

Amanda Kay Bowers said...

Scrolling through these photos, and now digging in my purse or my pocket for my tissues!!
Oh, how I love thee all.
Xo, Aunt Pandy